Quality control

Lumber Grading Rules assure users of Ponderosa Pine and other softwoods consistent standards of quality, regardless of which mill produces the lumber.

In the 12 western states, the primary growth area for Ponderosa Pine, most pine production is graded under the supervision of Certified Inspectors from the Western Wood Products Association (WWPA), a grading and control agency. The most widely produced grades are Selects, Commons and Factory Lumber.

Appearance Grades Ponderosa Pine Boards are graded primarily on appearance for a multitude of applications. There are three grades of Selects and five grades of Commons (WWPA Rules) and there are also Alternate Board grades available.

Structural Grades Ponderosa Pine structural grades are used where light to moderate strength levels are required. The 2X4 and 2X6 sizes are especially popular as decking material, once the lumber has been pressure treated with preservatives for outdoor uses.

Factory and Shop Grades Factory and Shop grade lumber products are intended specifically for remanufacturing. The grades have evolved on the basis of millwork cutting sizes and are defined by the number of clear standard size cuttings whic