Ponderosa Pine

Ponderosa Pine is one of America’s abundant tree species, covering approximately 27 million acres of land. Stands can be found from Canada to Mexico and from the Pacific Coast eastward to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Its growth range covers an area encompassing more than 35 percent of the total acreage of the U.S.

Oregon, Washington and California account for a major share of the annual harvest. Arizona and South Dakota are also important producing areas with lesser amounts coming from Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Utah and New Mexico.

Characteristics & Best Uses

Ponderosa Pine has a minimal amount of reddish-brown heartwood and an exceptionally wide sapwood which is honey-toned or straw-like in color. It has a straight, uniform grain which machines to a clear, smooth surface. When freshly sawn or surfaced, its pleasant smell is reminiscent of the forests where it grows. Ponderosa Pine is often specified when appearance rather than strength is of primary importance.

Ponderosa Pine can be treated for above-ground or in-ground contact, and unlike some softwoods, it can be pressure treated for in-ground use without incising (perforating) the wood. The waterborne preservatives leave a clean, dry, odorless surface ready to be painted or stained. The treated product holds up well in storage, making it easy to yard for distributors and retailers, which in turn, makes it readily and widely available.