• Pinus ponderosa Dougl

    Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa), also called western yellow pine, is one of the most widely distributed pines in western North America. A major source of ...


  • Ponderosa Pine

    Ponderosa Pine. (Pinus ponderosa). General Description. A large tree native to southwestern North Dakota that is pyramidal when young, becoming ...


  • Plants Profile for Pinus ponderosa (ponderosa pine)

    ... Subordinate Taxa; Wetland; Related Links. Pinus ponderosa Lawson & C. Lawson Show All Show Tabs ponderosa pine. Image of Pinus ponderosa ...


  • Ponderosa Pine Forests of the Colorado Plateau

    Forests of ponderosa pine cover many of the higher mesas and mountains of the Colorado Plateau from 6000 feet to about 8000 feet in elevation. On higher ...


  • Ponderosa pine tree pictures and information

    View pictures of and read about ponderosa pine trees or Pinus ponderosa, including the birds and other wildlife they support in eastern Washington.


  • The Ponderosa Pine Tree - DesertUSA

    The ponderosa pine occurs throughout the West, from Washington to New Mexico, Nebraska to California, and Canada to Mexico.


  • Ponderosa Pines Family Campgrounds in Honesdale, PA

    Experience the tranquility of the outdoors at our campgrounds in Honesdale PA. For information about family and group sites, visit us online.


  • Ponderosa Pine

    Growth Habits - Ponderosa Pine trees average 100' to 160' in height, with some exceeding 180'. The trees range from 2-4' in diameter, with the rate of growth ...


  • Ponderosa Pine | The Wood Database - Lumber Identification ...

    Pricing/Availability: Ponderosa Pine has a very wide distribution throughout western North America, and is one of the most important lumber species in the ...


  • Overview of Ponderosa Pine Ecosystems

    In western North America, ponderosa pine grows predominantly in ... through most ponderosa pine forests leaving in their wake a wide variety of species.


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  • Photograph by Buddy Mays/
    Photo by Jeff Mitton.
    Ponderosa Pine
    Ponderosa Pine Trees Being
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