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Grades & Common Uses

No. 2 Common

No.2 Common is intended primarily for use in housing and light construction where it is exposed, such as paneling, shelving and other uses where a knotty type of lumber with fine appearance is required. Since knots can easily be sealed for painting, this is also an excellent grade for siding, cornice soffits, fascia and other exterior uses.

No. 3 Common

No. 3 Common is widely used for a large range of building purposes where appearance and strength are both important. With characteristics limited to assure a high degree of serviceability, this grade is often used for shelving, paneling and siding and is especially suited for fences, boxes, crating, sheathing and many industrial uses.

No. 4 Common

No.4 Common is more widely used than other grades for general construction purposes such as sub-floors, roof and wall sheathing, concrete forms, low cost fencing, crating and similar types of construction. It is a popular grade in general construction and industrial use. Although appearance is given consideration, pieces are graded chiefly for serviceability as they are seldom used in exposed construction.

No. 5 Common

No.5 Common is intended for use in construction where lumber of a higher grade is not needed. This grade permits characteristics such as stain, large knots, very large holes, unsound wood, massed pitch, heavy shake, splits and wane in varying stages or degrees singly or in combinations. Many pieces in this grade are only slightly lower than 4 Common grade while others will be at the opposite end of the grade level. Although 5 Common is the lowest Common Board grade, it is suitable for uses in economical construction where appearance and strength are not basic requirements.